Technology & Engineering Education

Welcome to the Technology and Engineering Education Department at Gilford High School. Here you will find information regarding courses offered, our facilities and staff.

Course Information

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The Gilford High School Technology and Engineering facility is made up of two labs: The Math/Science/Technology Computer Lab and the STEM Lab or “Shop.”

The Computer Lab is a good planning and research space. There are tables for small groups to meet and 22 networked computers with architectural and mechanical CAD, Google software and Internet access. There are also flight simulators in the area along with a teacher work station that is connected to an LCD projector.

The STEM Lab or “Shop” is where students have access to a well-equipped wood and metal fabrication lab. Machines here include: a SawStop table saw, planer, jointer, power miter saw, vertical band saw, disc/belt sander, drill press, wood lathes, machine lathe, vertical mill, scroll saw, Mig welders, Tig welder, plasma cutter, horizontal band saw, pedestal grinders, CNC router, sheet metal shear, slip roll former, box and pan brake and a large variety of hand and portable power tools,

GHS Technology Ed Advisory Board

The Advisory Board meets three times each year to lend support and assistance to the Technology & Engineering Education program. The following individuals serve on the advisory board and represent the education, business and local communities.

SAU 73 & GHS: Dan Caron, Deb Laliberte, Sally Sessler, Anthony Sperazzo, Steve Tucker

HUOT CTE & LRCC: Dave Warrender, Mike LaBrecque

Business Community: Marv Everson, Marty Pelletier, 

Local Community: Michelle Whitenack 


Dan Caron has been at GHS since the 2016-17 school year. He has been teaching for 38 years and began his career in 1979 at McKelvie Middle School. He is a past Engineering byDesign Author and earned the ITEEA Distinguished Technology Educator designation in 2001. Other awards include: Civil Air Patrol AEM Teacher of the Year 2013, Air Force Association Teacher of the Year 2004, and American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Educator Achievement Award 1999, ITEA and NHTEEA Teacher Excellence award 1988. Caron was employed at the following schools when they were recognized for program excellence by the ITEEA: Bedford HS, 2013; Kingswood Regional HS, 2003; DuVal HS (MD), 1998; McKelvie MS, 1982.