Aviation & Space Technology


Students will model the principles of flight with a variety of lab activities, work with simulators and have an opportunity to experience flight in a small plane. They will analyze the various power systems and disassemble/reassemble an internal combustion engine (small gas engine). Students will then design/build/launch model rockets, experiment with orbital mechanics through computer simulations, and explore new efforts to launch people into space.

For additional information, see the Aerospace Dimensions Modules from the Civil Air Patrol (CAP).


As part of this class, we will arrange with the local chapter of the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) to fly the students in a small aircraft around the Lakes Region. This flight may take place on a Saturday.

Trimester Plan: 

The six CAP modules have been divided into three units: Intro to Aviation, Aircraft Systems and Airports; The Air and Space Environments; and Rockets and Spacecraft. Each unit will be about four to five weeks.

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