Course Related Information

Information here is related to all courses. 

Assessments are all performance based with the exception of Safety Tests. Safety with machines and tools is demonstrated by the students during shop work and their knowledge of safety is documented by a passing grade on the safety written test of 100%.

Course Competencies are explained on the subpage link and in greater detail in the curriculum maps for each course.

eMentors are engineers and/or technologists who can answer student questions related to the workplace.

Guest Speaker Program has two components. First is the program open to all students during Engineering Week in February. The second component is where Guest speakers are invited to speak to students in a particular class.

Safety Lessons are included in the Material Design course. Students receive detailed instruction in the safe use of machines and a demonstration of the machine's use. They also pass a safety test with a grade of 100%. If a student does not pass the test, the instructor and student go over each of the questions she/he got wrong to be sure the student understands the safe and correct procedures for the use of that machine. The PowerPoint lessons are included here for student review.