Assessment & Course Competencies

Final Assessments in Technology & Engineering consist of presentations that demonstrate student understanding of the Engineering Design Process. In all courses, students, individually or in small groups, present a project they worked on during the term. They explain the problem they were attempting to solve and their ideas and research pointing to possible solutions. They identify the criteria and constraints required for the solution to their problem. Design and prototype development is the next step as students construct a working model of their solution. Students recognize that new problems may present themselves during prototype development and must be solved as well. The rubric for the Engineering Design Process is used and may be expanded to include specific criteria from the Design Brief given to the students.
Course Competencies are explained in detail in the Curriculum Map for each of the courses.  Brief descriptions of the competencies are below:
Knowledge: The students knows and understands the Engineering Design Process, can utilize that process to solve problems and document the process in a Design Journal.
Skills: These are specific skills depending on the course in which the student is enrolled.
Safety & Teamwork: The student works safely and is willing to help others when needed.
Mission: The student "lives" the school mission while in class.
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